Trafficking of Women and Children

Up to now, I always try searching information about women’s issues. those’re trafficking, violence throught the women, women’s labour, and so many other of women issues. and now, i want u to know video about trafficking below. key…have a nice watching…

A class assignment. Note: Human trafficking is not limited to only women and children but this project is focusing on them. I will put the credits up once I have time. I used mainly pictures from and a clip from a youtube member. Song is by Gary Jules, “Mad World”.

Liza (2) and Simon (4) perform with Destroyer in The Prostitutes’ rehearsal room their first hard core song.

See undercover video taken by police, better understand why it happens, and who is doing it. It highlights the heartbreaking reality of child trafficking around the world.

Women and children in poverty are at an extremely high risk of exploitation. This is why World Concern, , makes child trafficking prevention a major component of its aid programs, especially in Asia.

CREDITS: Originally produced by the Viva Network and the Asha Forum in association with Fat America Films, and was sponsored by World Emergency Relief.

United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking