just a miracle

some people doubt me. but I’m still in me. me and my other idealism. I wasn’t affected by them actually. I’ve an idealism. I just wanna make my thought to be an open minded. I just wanna study, study, and study. I’ve learned social life. I need more. I need more to learn more. I need the knowledge to guide my thoughts. I’ve done more, suddenly I need a miracle. Just a miracle. Now I’m still in me who believing that I can reach my dream. I don’t care about people who just make me down. My dream is stronger than their judge. I am free to be whatever I want. This is not just desire, but my need for my neighborhood. I learn everything I know. I need to know what I don’t know. I always enjoy the process, until one day I did not realize when I got my dream. I say it as a miracle. A miracle created by my belief. I’ve never and don’t wanna think why my dreams never come true. I still have faith that I can reach my dream. It’s just about the time, like my other dreams who have come true. I’m happy to be my self. I enjoy my life. I choose my world. Forever.