just the begining

Something has come, right in front of my eyes. This is only the beginning, I remind myself that my feet were still planted on the earth. Because too often, unconsciously began selecting hooked. There’s something real easy to be realized, but I was thinking about the future. I also started thinking how I do it continuously. Then the next day, came back it was. The same thing, which I dreamed. But considering I went back to get it or not. Make no mistake, I consider myself to see capacity. After weighing no more than two week, I confidently chose “No”. I’ll not take. Maybe later, oh no, there would be the same thing that will come in front of my eyes, and I was ready to “take it”, yes, “I still beliefe it”. Then I began to amuse myself, that I do all that on the basis of rejection did not want to get stuck in prestige “. Mmmm … I’m also increasingly convinced that “focus on one thing in front of me, which really is needed. again I remind myself, my body is not entirely mine. Also, although my thoughts all to myself, I can still control it, but there are values unconsciously pushing to the left or right direction. Being black or my white. “Umpteenth time, I’m proud of myself. Which has strict self-sorting is right for themselves and the people around me. I do not want to be great, while my body is still in place grappling with something that not too many members of meaning.