Deja vu

In the middle of the corner, I was there. I became a part of them. Exactly few weeks ago until now. I was reluctant to tell it, but I realized I had to share. Yes, I’m still in the midst of them. Now I’m equal to them. About this, my memory is very strong. I never felt the same. The situation suddenly became a cycle. Sometimes I was below, sometimes above. At one time I was a student, at the other times I as a lecturer. Because I enjoy this process, then I really realized that I was part of that cycle.

Life often moves in a circle again. Like a wheel, it can spin forward or backward while moving or in a place. One time I stood in one spot, then a few or several years later I touched the spot again. Deja vu, I have been here before. Place, event, also the same focal point. What distinguishes consciousness only. Forms of consciousness are not the same, because the level of consciousness has many layers. With them, I studied the research gender perspective. I do not want to say why I suddenly learn more about gender than about journalism. Journalism, I’m used to it, like this moment when I shared my story with you.

Life should be developed. Likewise the knowledge that we have. I proudly say, I was lucky to be part of the life cycle. I’ve been at the top, then down, then right, then left, sometimes also in the middle. Who would have thought, only we know. Like now, I just enjoy the process. I never felt that excessive boredom, as I always rotates in the life cycle. I’m proud as a human being. I want to stay like this. Until without realizing it, I have reached my dream.