get it

No one took from me, I remind myself. We are the people we protect and we believe. So I never gave a chance for another soul. Especially given the chance in, then destroy my composure. As I was thinking, all eyes were reluctant to see me, then I became more calm. That’s first. Playing with the past always led to a longing. Have you ever felt how magical a broken heart? I’ve ever felt it. what to be done, but that’s the truth. differences in pain and heartbreak is very thin. But it remains as something different. when everything seemed meaningless. even though the tears. what we’ve been ignored, has suddenly become our attention. sometimes everything is so precious. suddenly we start from scratch again. we become so fond of us. what we already have, and what we have achieved. even along the normal path that we pass, suddenly we are so valuable step. Do not repeat the same mistakes, so at least we remind ourselves. Other souls are not so strange though. that is the moment where we are building what has been destroyed.