got sick

I suddenly thought to talk about diseases that could come in my body. That’s about my condition some days ago, and still about stomach problems. I was less careful in selecting food for my body. I just think likes and dislikes. good and bad according to my perception. up to several times, stomach attacked again. imagine, what a pain when the stomach reject food we eat. in any rejection, the pain is felt. because it does not stand with that, so I rushed to the hospital emergency room of St.Carolus Jakarta. Dysentery amoeba. Thus the results of laboratory tests. one day before, I had acute diarrhea and abdominal pain great (colic). Dysentery comes from the Greek, the dys (= disorder) and enteron (= intestine), which means inflammation of the intestine that cause widespread symptoms, stool mucus mixed with blood. throughout the day, I was in so much pain. stomach reject food that I digested, while life must go on. yes, that pain that I experienced a few days ago. before this, I never felt how I can not control my own body. where my body was shivering so. my blood is very low tension, and my body temperature is very hot. I could not help, then I should be treated and infused. the doctor told me I had typhoid. during the week I felt how I had to wrestle with the same activity. eating through tubes. Now, I can only determined, so I do not feel it anymore. I must be willing to select foods that I eat. not based on hate and love feeling uncomfortable. I had to wise in this case. because life must go on.