“F” wanna be

They, the Feminist (F), the real wake of our long sleep. their thoughts come to enlightenment, awaken, wake, and move. I was lucky to know F. Did you ever hear, know, or even you to be one of them? Yes, I mean becoming F. of course you’ve heard, knew, or maybe you have become part of them. be thankful, because we’re running on a certainty. Either when I have first got to know them and the term Femisnism?. Feminism, a movement fighting for the improvement of awareness of women’s fate. Involve and promote feminism and ideas of women’s experience of it self into the scientific study to produce an action. the late 19th century, in many western countries of birth of the movement “suffrage” who want to promote women’s living conditions related to the status and role.

the core of the suffrage movement: the socialist upheaval realize that in society there is a class of people who have not thought about his fate. these groups are women. (in Indonesia, Kartini who lived in the late 19 th century, interest in the suffrage movement through the writings of women india: Pandita Rambai). Initially suffrage movement in the U.S. and Europe is a political movement. then, in its development a political movement based on the experiences of these women become part of academic activities chosen women as the focus of attention.

then, why feminism was born? feminism was born as a long process of reply came from a variety of pain and bitterness, and bitterness will last reply inequality in the public sphere and in the domestic realm problems of oppression of women long ago. as women are often considered the second sex, sin bearer, bad luck, may be degraded and abused does not have authority even over his own self as well. problems of oppression of women until now, of which discriminated, marginalized, subordinated (only for female gender). even in terms of language, employment, family roles, education, politics / policy, legal, and socio-cultural. nature of the oppression of gender relations that due to the dominance of the patriarchal system (ideology). patriarchy is any thoughts, ideas, and actions based on the interests of men. gender is a social construction of roles of men and women (in fact dominated reply by a male bias and oppress women). feminism reject common assumptions about gender roles society that is not fair, and offered more just reply options for women and men for the same exists in this world.