met her

Quinie (wearing glasses, a dark green veil, and a white shirt) and I (wearing glasses, a brown veil, and a pink clothes) when the first time meeting in the midst of the other friends bloggers in Amprokan Blogger Bekasi.

I met her in Amprokan Blogger. now, maybe you’ll say that it was a possible thing. It may well be happened. but at the first, I hesitated. perhaps you also feel the same thing. for me, writing is writing, loving to express thoughts in a series of sentences. including writing for a personal blog. the consequence, the contents of my blog will be read by other people, even if only briefly. but I do not even think more consequence. like a few days ago when I met with hundreds of bloggers in Amprokan Blogger Bekasi. for me, it’s a new experience, also a new spirit to be a part of community. incredible. I was very lucky indeed. at least to me who was still a beginner.

It was happened from bloggwalking with some blogger friends, one of my friends blogger is Quinie or Ratu Sya. Her name was unique and valuable. I love her comments. I saw how she was so diligent and care blogger. for me, she’s so kind, including her surprise when I got sick at the St Carolus Hospital in Jakarta. it was a simple indeed, but it was impressive to me.

until some weeks ago, I received an Amprokan Blogger invitation for two days from her. at first I hesitated, because my job needed me to live in Cirebon. but on the other hand, I also really want to join in that event as well keep my promise to Quinie. Alhamdulillah, everything is achieved. I was joined at that event. I also have other surprises from Bekasi city. it’s true, I said, she was cheerful and nice person. the most important, Quinie is so cared. Here, I just can say “thank u..”. also thank so much for Amprokan Blogger Bekasi.