one day without you

I felt weird when thinking about you. about us who are always far apart. there are times I want you to stay away. but there are also times where I had you near me. like now I secretly of agreed words of Karen Ann’s song lyrics “one day without you”.

one day without you, my love. how I long for your skin. ’cause my lips barely grin. And the day must begin. can’t imagine your face in a far hidden place. please be home before grace, my love. one day without you. there’s a road far ahead. and many things to be said. for the young newly wed. ‘Cause a day is like a year. When you’re no longer here. I just wanna be near, my love.

yeah, there are times where I do not agree with that lyrics. moment where I wish you’d better stay away. ’cause I need time for myself and sink into my world. but honestly, now I want you near me. like my head would explode with a million complexities that I have created myself. I want you to come and arrest me. though tomorrow you have to go back away from me.