my first step

It’s been a while since I hid from the virtual space. Quite often I pressed the contents of my head that was already full of stories. What do you feel when your head is full of many things, but you never spill it? I answered first about what I feel.

I usually feel giddy excess. I hesitated, choosing which one should I remove it first. About jobs that have not been resolved properly. About me that never stopped being nomadic. About me who faced a real challenge I want. About my struggle to move from one Transjakarta to other Transjakarta. About me who have to commute between Jakarta and Cirebon each week. About me who began to find effective ways to burn fat on my body. About me suddenly stutter with the nights in the capital.

About me who do not have words to describe my happiness. About me that are matched with the best way to kill a saturation point. About me who switched from one world to another. About I have just ‘picking’ the fruit of struggle, of me sitting in a mini metro as he pondered a child bulletin studio. About me who have big dreams in 2011 was my first. And also about me being a strategy for big dreams in 2011 was my second.

(Tuesday, February 15, 2011)