‘exam’ for anything

I have long realized, that I need a way to take a spoon to eat in the kitchen. I have to spend my food. Moreover when no one can help me to take the spoon. Also I was in a state of sick and curled up in my room. So inevitably I had to stand, then walked into the kitchen to the shelf where the spoon and fork stored.

For me, step process takes a spoon is an exam. I have to get the spoon. I’ve fallen a few times when learning to climb the bike. Then several times fell and hit a tree once skinny (due to avoid the car in front of me), when a new beginning can ride a motorcycle. Each of our steps towards something filled with exams. And that was clearly recorded is when the exam before studying my under graduate, I also would not want to take ‘exam’ managing my emotions that inevitably have to quit one year before entering the world of college. Likewise when I tried to get my fellowships in Paramadina Graduate Schools Jakarta. It was after three years of graduation from my undergraduate and working. Even when taking education from kindergarten to elementary, junior high schools (MTs), senior high schools (SMA/MAN), until now as fellow in Paramadina Jakarta.

For me, exam is as a process of a ‘ladder’ to an other ‘ladder’. However, as stated by the wise, every exam has its own silver lining. And I also you, must have felt it. My head is full of want. But want a realistic, although the word begins with a dream they do not realistic. I do not care, because only me who know whether something is realistic or unrealistic. Only me who understand how I change realistically be realistic. Just me. I’m talking between me and them. Not between me and God. Because when talking about the ‘hand’ of God, then God covers everything. Not just talking why I was able to make the impossible become possible. Because true, as well as you realize, able to think about something it already exists interference ‘hand’ of God. Moreover, finding a way of achievement.

(Wednesday, February 16, 2011)