I actually did not forget. I always remember to share my happiness with you, but my mind was not ready with so much of ‘branches’. my days more exciting. every day is always passionate, in the world that are not relatively new. yes, my days are now in the midst of the figures are fairly great. at least to me when I saw them. although in fact, a great or not someone is very relative.

because so long I precipitate the contents of my mind, I forgot all the words I’ve compiled to share with you. okay, I just wanted to write that on January 31, 2011 I’m very happy. why? because after fighting hard enough, finally I could get a fellowships for my S2.

Thank to Paramadina Graduate Schools (PGS) Jakarta and Medco Foundation, because giving me the opportunity to reach my dreams. This year, becoming Fellow is one of my dreams. I also thank to Fahmina-Institute and the Institute Study Islam Fahmina (ISIF) Cirebon on every opportunity and support.

article below is a letter of notification that I received at PGS. So, not too late if you want to say congratulations. Although now, I’ve passed my first three months in Paramadina Graduate Schools.

No : 31/REG/PGS/I/2011
Re. : Welcome to Paramadina Graduate Schools
Attachment : –

On behalf of Paramadina Graduate Schools (PGS), I am happy to announce that you successfully passed the qualification test to receive Paramadina – Medco Fellowship for Journalist and NGO Activist. The selection committee recommend you to register at Paramadina Graduate School of Communication -Political. CONGRATULATIONS!

By accepting this fellowship, you agree to the terms associated with this offer. An MOU with Univ. Paramadina should be signed to formalize the agreement. You will be further informed on the timing of the MOU signing. With this letter you should immediately do the academic registration. The deadline for academic registration is February 4, 2011. Paramadina – Medco Fellowship for Journalist and NGO Activist covers full tuition fee. The period of your fellowship begins on February 7, 2011 and ends September 2012 (3 semesters). This fellowship can not be deferred to other time.

Paramadina – Medco Fellowship for Journalist and NGO Activist promotes the development of Indonesia’s human resources and of media industry. Through education we expect fellowship recipients to develop network, skills and knowledges to support public control and education on issues and policies pertaining to business, diplomacy, and communication.

Once again, congratulations and welcome on board. We wish you success in completing the study on time and on building your career.

Best regards,

*picture from Paramadina