abused and ‘enjoyed’?

In recent weeks, consciously or not, the two beautiful female names, Malinda Dee and Selly Yustiawati, able to divert public attention from a number of other important issues. Because of their fraudulent actions. Selly, with a business model pulse. Malinda Dee (MD) with tackle billions of rupiah currency Citibank customer.

However, a fairly worrying, public attention not only on their evil actions. Rather, they spread to the figure as a woman who is also beautiful. Yes, the widespread public debate on the face of their beautiful and sexy body. Includes public comment on their cases in a number of social networking sites and other online media. Where, through online media, we are able to comment freely and often without any censorship of the media owners.

As some comments taken from several online media following.

“Dodol:cewe kalo cantik banyak tingkahnya! mulai dari sekedar manfaatin laki laki sampe ke penipuan. senjatanya? apalagi kalo bukan mengumbar muka cantik n body seksi aduhai. makanya jangan ngomong soal eksploitasi perempuan, justru mereka sendiri yg suka nawarin diri untuk diekploitasi guna mendapatkan materi.”

“Waw:MD kurang genjotan kali jadi nasabah ngamuk ga puasssssssss”

“Kang Mamat: pa Pulisi tolong yg meriksa dua penjahat cantik ini ibu Polwan aja….akangmah takut kalo yg periksa pa pulisi lututnya jd gemetaran truss gak konsen nanyanya, karena lihat belahan dua bola basket ygnyembul gak karuan, blm lagi cara duduknya yg pastinya jg pake gerakan kayak naek ojek…walahhhh”

Apart from the men or women who dominate the comments above, viewed from any angle, as if the woman has always been a major cause of all crime. So the conversation is no longer focused on their crimes, but the public also secretly or openly enjoy the news how the female body is portrayed by the media. Moreover, that side is continuously repeated with a screening of a particular language.

The reality is not only overwrite MD and Selly, but also not uncommon to befall women victims of harassment and sexual violence. What appears not only an expression of sympathy for what happened to them, but they also blamed as a principal cause. As the following phrases: “daughter are fishing. ”

Women are victims in this case repeatedly. Indirectly, any women who do not see because she is a human being who made ​​mistakes with criminal action. But because she was female, it must be like this. Because he was a woman, it should not be so, and so on. As if to be valid when the object of women’s news, then you’ll enjoy rather than on what the object of the news. As MD and Selly, seen no longer in crimes which they did, but more on sensational issues such as the MD with some parts of her bodies.

Even when the news item of women victims of harassment and sexual violence, which highlighted not just on the real reason and motive of the harassment and sexual violence. The media very often preach the scenes of abuse and sexual violence without trying to link it with the objective conditions of society or provide tips on how to avoid it.

Recognized or not, in this case the press plays a very large in the socialization of values ​​in society, including in the sexual field. Exploitation through the press, both obvious and vulgar and the refined artistic, in the life of modern society is evident. Because of all this, women who are victims of harassment and sexual violence do not get a chance to express what they experience is palpable.

Although several media have given enough freedom to women speak, but given the opportunity has not been able to remove the stereotypes that first spread a negative image of women. Such as MD players which require sexy photo spread, then Selly demanding actors who spread the slander about him as a female trickster in social networking facebook. This means that they will do anything to restore his good name, it is difficult to restore the good image.

Women, Media and Public

From a number of responses directed at the MD and Selly, clearly the existence of inequality between male offenders and female offenders. If the perpetrators of crime are male, then he will only be blasphemed because of behavioral crimes. Unlike when women as perpetrators of crime, then not only behavior, but also her body as she became an easy target for the cursed all at once ‘enjoyed’.

Thus, as revealed by Rosemary Thong in her book ”Feminist Through A Comprehensive Instroduction”, the need for gender equality in various sectors of life, it will prevent future injustices against women. In this case, including the mass media should disseminate a gender perspective in preaching.

Here, journalists and media institutions have again reminded of the importance of a high sensitive in women’s issues, and to produce journalism that a gender perspective, it seems the mass media professionals must work hard.

According to Nur Imam Subono (2003), journalism with a gender perspective can be interpreted: As an activity or practice of journalism is always to inform or even questioned and sued constantly, both in print media (such as in magazines, newspapers, and tabloids) as well as electronic media (as in television and radio) there is an unequal relationship or inequality relations between men and women.

However, in the midst of ease of access to media and freedom of the press, the public also should be more mature in addressing the reading and what it receives from the media. That is beyond freedom of expression which is reasonable and necessary, the media also do not think readers are stupid. Because the slightest issued news media, the public will appreciate it.