find ways

I’ve long wanted to tell you about many things missed. but I always stutter where to start. consequently there is no single word that I had written. I wanted to scream because I failed to make it into paragraphs. but I also did not find ways how to transform my screams the words. in the end I failed.

I not only failed to produce the words, but also filled with remorse on an ongoing basis. even to think when my time runs out and when I get my time to write something. This year I had a dream and convinced myself that I would finish a book. but in the mid-year, suddenly I’m not so excited like at the beginning of the year. then I started to laugh myself. I laughed until I realized that I too believe in something where I’m not so confident with my own beliefs.

Although this time I failed to believe in myself, but there is no single reason in which I had to stop. of course I have to keep going. there is no reason for me to be unhappy. there are many things to be solved. there is no reason for me to be silent and not doing anything. because I was in the middle of something that has begun. I’m happy in the midst of a real dream. I just need the strength to follow the process, enjoy it to reach the finish line. I do not have time to look at something that just would not make me grateful for my world. I’m really happy. this is why I have to keep moving, even if I could fly like now, although still in a world of imagination.