get it

No one took from me, I remind myself. We are the people we protect and we believe. So I never gave a chance for another soul. Especially given the chance in, then destroy… Continue reading


starry night. paint your palette blue and grey. look out on a summer’s day. with eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hills. sketch the trees and the daffodils.… Continue reading


The greatest problems in life can never be solved. They must be outgrown, by attaining a new level of consciousness (Carl Gustav Jung, 19875-1961)

Deja vu

In the middle of the corner, I was there. I became a part of them. Exactly few weeks ago until now. I was reluctant to tell it, but I realized I had to… Continue reading

just the begining

Something has come, right in front of my eyes. This is only the beginning, I remind myself that my feet were still planted on the earth. Because too often, unconsciously began selecting hooked.… Continue reading

just a miracle

some people doubt me. but I’m still in me. me and my other idealism. I wasn’t affected by them actually. I’ve an idealism. I just wanna make my thought to be an open… Continue reading

obey your heart

it’s hard for me to tell you why. many things are happened in my days are always different. but basically the same. me and my other complexities. I don’t want to say that… Continue reading


Liz and her eat, pray, love. I knew her. precisely in 2008. when none knew me. when the torment can wake me up. it’s not complicated. I just feel like she feels. I… Continue reading


pikiran-pikiran itu tak bisa terus-menerus bergelantungan tak menentu. beberapa pekan ini tepatnya. tepatnya, puncaknya. persoalan kapan munculnya, sudah lama sekali dan terkadang tiba-tiba. lagi-lagi persoalan relasi antara lelaki dan perempuan. tapi inti dari… Continue reading


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be. There’s… Continue reading