wait me

many things I want to tell you, after all this time I let this room be empty. but wait a minute, I’ll be back with my new experiences. just wait. *Photography by Randy… Continue reading

give up

I finally realized, and gave up only for one blog. Yes, I was just able to one blog. So I started moving my blog writings of others into my wordpress blog.


I do not want to write with the number of words that are so numerous and serious. as usual, I wanted to write with the flow and light to read. but maybe in… Continue reading

abused and ‘enjoyed’?

In recent weeks, consciously or not, the two beautiful female names, Malinda Dee and Selly Yustiawati, able to divert public attention from a number of other important issues. Because of their fraudulent actions.… Continue reading


I actually did not forget. I always remember to share my happiness with you, but my mind was not ready with so much of ‘branches’. my days more exciting. every day is always… Continue reading

‘exam’ for anything

I have long realized, that I need a way to take a spoon to eat in the kitchen. I have to spend my food. Moreover when no one can help me to take… Continue reading

my first step

It’s been a while since I hid from the virtual space. Quite often I pressed the contents of my head that was already full of stories. What do you feel when your head… Continue reading

‘ada’ di esok

seperti mereka, aku menyebutnya malam tahun baru. pagi sebelum malam itu, banyak mimpi kubangun untuk esok dan satu tahun ke depan. pagi sebelum malam itu, gairahku akan mimpiku begitu tinggi. ya, setidaknya istilah… Continue reading

menuju ‘sesuatu’

sudah berpuluh pagi aku gagap. pada kabut. pada embun. juga pada terik. banyak rencana kususun. terus kususun. meski tanpa sadar menjadi tak tersusun seperti semula. jika sudah begitu, aku mulai menyusunnya lagi. seperti… Continue reading

dengan cintaku

pagi buta kemarin aku melihat para perempuan, ibu, berjalan kaki bergegas menuju sawah. siang hari kemarin aku melihat perempuan, ibu, menjajakan dagangan sekitar trotoar. sore hari kemarin aku melihat perempuan, ibu, menggendong kayu… Continue reading