about the tellers of stories

Have you ever watched some movies like “Perempuan Punya Cerita” and “Pertaruhan”? I was very impressed with both the movies. And I think these movies succeeded to persuade me to care more about women’s issues.

This article is just to reflects about “Persuasion and Other Theories of Influence” written by Charles U. Larson. According to Larson (2010), a key concept in the theory is the behavioral intention which is the result of individual influence such as my or your feelings, attitudes, or predispositions and our cultural norms. “The basic premise of this theories is simple, and most would agree with it—human beings are instinctually the tellers of stories. Persuasion usually succeeds when it adapts to the receiver’s world—the situation, the context, the culture and its norms, and the receivers emotions and motivations.

According to me, this theory is consistent with socio-political and cultural context in Indonesia with the slogan “Indonesia is rich in arts and culture”. Because of its diversity, Indonesia known as a multicultural country. This theory is also able to accommodate the values of local wisdom and knowledge of local culture, also used for non-political campaign of non-governmental organization in campaigning social-humanitarian issues. Such as anti-trafficking, safe migration and anti-domestic violence campaign in the movie “Perempuan Punya Cerita” and “Pertaruhan” .

These movies are able to change negative views of society toward women commercial sex workers by raising the experience of women in some areas. In some areas also use the approach through the work of art and culture, such as in Cirebon, Indramayu, Kuningan and Majalengka.

There are a lot of Dangdut songs using local languages which indirectly suggested to stop domestic violence. Besides through songs, also by utilizing the cultural arts performances such as Tarling and Wayang Kulit (Cirebon) and Wayang Orang (Solo).

Local songs and performance art experience are also used by local government candidates in political campaigns. Each candidate in some area will also definitely be competed to gain the sympathy of religious figures in Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren). Then the mass media would publicize their actions. Due to gain sympathy by religious leaders at Pesantren is considered to increase collecting voice as much as possible.

– In the dictionary sense, local knowledge (local wisdom) consists of two words: wisdom (wisdom) and local (local). In John M. Echols Indonesia-English Dictionary and Hassan Syadily, local means the local, whereas wisdom (wisdom), the same as wisdom. In general, the local wisdom (local knowledge) can be understood as the local ideas (local) who are wise, full of wisdom, good value, which is embedded and followed by members of the community. (Sartini (2004), “Menggali Kearifan Lokal Nusantara Sebuah Kajian Filsafati”. Filsafat Journal (37th ed.).
– This article is written from a reflection paper written by Alimah and edited again by Alimah (Fellows of Paramadina Graduate Schools, in major Political Communication).

Larson, C. U. (2010), Persuasion: Reception and responsibility (12th ed.), Boston: Wadsworth.